Non Profit Services

Our non profits clients receive preferred rates from each of these businesses to help them maximize their fund raising activities. Please click or call for more information about the strategic services our industry partners provide for non profit and corporate clients. (Use code "NY Creative Consortium" for preferred rates.)


Custom Invitations • Commercial Printing • Fine Stationery

Branded Entertainment • Text-to-Pledge Technology

Transportation for Meeting & Events

Portraits • Real-Time Photography

Website Design, Development & Hosting


And our newest endeavor...

The mission of the ABOVE AVERAGE FOUNDATION is to create scholarships and internships for minority students that a) exhibit above average academic abilities, b) are interested in entrepreneurship, and c) would otherwise be unable to afford access to education or other academic and professional training programs without financial assistance.

Our 2009 beneficiary:
Alumnae Angels program at Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Manhattan. To learn more about the Alumnae Angels program or to make a donation, please contact Craig MacPherson, Director of Institutional Advancement - Convent of the Sacred Heart @ 91st Street at (212) 722-4745, extension 107, or by e-mail at